Due to the change of format of ICNCT-19, which now will be 100% virtual, we need to postpone a few weeks the celebration of the ICNCT-19 conference.

With the approval of the Executive Board of ISNCT, the congress will be held between 27th September and 1st October, 2021.

The final program will be released soon, with instructions for the presenters.

Organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency             




ICNCT-19 Granada 27th September - 01st October 2021


Dear colleagues,
It is very sad for us to inform you that, due to the increasing travel restrictions because of the new COVID variants,  the ICNCT-19 congress will be held only as a virtual meeting.
If you have already registered as a participant "in person" you will be of course refunded of the difference in the registration fee, for which you will receive an email from the organization secretariat.

We will prepare a web platform for hosting the virtual meeting. All accepted contributions will be scheduled for electronic presentation. Information on how to present the works will be available when we have the details on the platform.

Thank you very much for your understanding. For us it has been a very difficult decision.

Warmest regards,

Ignacio Porras

on behalf of the ICNCT-19 organizing committee.



Dear colleagues,

We hope that you and your families are well during this difficult time.

We want to announce that the ICNCT-19 will be held in the foreseen dates, 5th to 10th September, 2021. We hope a positive evolution of the COVID-19 pandemia in the forthcoming months and that, with the increasing number of vaccinations you will be able to come to Granada. In this case we will make all protective measurements during the conference for a safe stay.

However, and taking into account that there could still be travel restrictions and for those wishing to attend but do not want to travel, we will also establish the possibility of attending the conference online at a very reduced fee. This will be announced in this website, as we are dealing with all technical requirements for this mixed form (presential+online).

In this sense all deadlines have been extended one month (e.g. abstract submission and Fairchild and applications will be open until April 30th, 2021). Thank you to all that have submitted your work already, they will be considered for the conference and you will be able to choose the modality (presential or online) upon acceptance.

Our aim is to hold a conference that will help to maintain and strengthen the bonds and collaborations in the BNCT community. Therefore, we are already looking forward to welcoming you in Granada (in person or virtually) in September 2021!

Yours sincerely,
Javier Praena, ICNCT 19 Congress Chair.
Ignacio Porras, President of ISNCT


Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

The organizing committee of the 19th International Conference in Neutron Capture Therapy invites all scientists, doctors, and researchers interested in the topic of the conference, to present their achievements, share their insights and facilitate potential cooperation in Granada (Spain) from 5th  to 10th September, 2021. During this week, we will join friends, exchange ideas, establish new collaborations and find new friends.

The conference will offer the opportunity to present the latest clinical results, updates of former ones, status of new facilities based on accelerator and next generation of boron targeting agents. Also, new results in biophysics, pharmacology, dosimetry, imaging and clinical research are expected. All these developments are very important for our community, which is entering in a new era keeping the best of the former one, a selective single or two-session therapy in radiation oncology.

During the conference, meetings of the governing committees of the International Society for Neutron Capture Therapy (ISNCT) and a General Assembly will be conducted.

A social program based on the heritage of Granada will make this meeting even more special. We offer our best gratitude to our industry partners and sponsors, without their enduring support the conference and our group will be not the same.

With best regards we cordially invite and welcome you and your team in Granada.


Yours sincerely,

Javier Praena, ICNCT 19 Congress Chair.
Ignacio Porras, President of ISNCT